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June 1st
Treehouse Amphitheater  / Chapel Hill NC (With Max Lane) (Four Piece Band)
Tickets: Treehouse Amphitheater

June 21st
Raleigh Sofar Sounds (Four piece band) 
Tickets: Sofar Sounds

July 7th
LeBauer Park / Greensboro NC (Jesse Solo)
Tickets: Open to public Americana Series 

July 12th
Smileys on the Roxx / Greenville SC (Jesse opening for Darby Wilcox) 
Tickets: Smileys on the Roxx

July 14th
Greenville SC Sofar Sounds (Jesse Solo) 
Tickets: Sofar Sounds

August 2nd
Eno House / Hillsborough NC (Band) (Kyle Caudle is Opener) 
Tickets: Eno House

August 9th
Live at Teds / Wilmington NC (Band) 
Tickets: Subscribe to be the first to know when tickets are available. 

August 11th
Muddy Creek Listening Room / Winston Salem NC (Band) 
Tickets: Muddy Creek

August 17th
Sonark Media / Hillsborough NC (Jesse Solo) 
Tickets: Subscribe to be the first to know when tickets are available. 

September 13th
Cats Cradle / Carrboro NC (7 piece band) (Max Lane is opening) 
Tickets: Subscribe to be the first to know when tickets are available. 

September 21st
RA Fountain General Store / Fountain NC (4 piece band) 
Tickets: RA Fountain

September 27th & 28th
IBMA Festival (7 Piece band) 
Tickets: Free Festival 


A true embodiment of the singer-songwriter spirit, Burlington's own Jesse Fox has intricately sculpted a diverse catalog, brimming with over 375 songs. His words dance between the realms of sharp-witted charm and poignant profundity, forming a bond with listeners as they navigate the ebbs and flows of daily life. Jesse's songs emanate a timeless quality, conjuring echoes of your most cherished memories.

An experienced performer, Jesse has touched a thousand stages with his melodies, commanding both intimate gatherings and sprawling venues with ease. Now, eager to propel his musical journey to new heights, he has embarked on a captivating solo career, seeking to form meaningful partnerships with labels and managers.

Formerly at the helm of Love & Valor, a burgeoning icon in the tapestry of Americana-infused folk bands, Jesse brought his distinctive touch to their almost exclusively original repertoire. Based in Burlington, NC, the band cultivated a legacy in the NC folk community, resonating from 2012 until Jesse's recent transition.

While Love & Valor's influences spanned from the ageless genius of icons like Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash to modern day luminaries such as The Avett Brothers, The Lumineers, and CAAMP, Jesse is now set to etch his own influence in the annals of contemporary folk.

In his solo journey, Jesse continues to create melodies that echo on countless stages each year. As he steps into this promising new chapter, he carries with him the lessons and experiences of his past musical journey, ready to touch the hearts of audiences anew with his soulful songcraft. A musical odyssey like no other, Jesse Fox's solo career is poised to make its mark on the horizon of the musical world.

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